Window Crystal


50ml - $49.90


Excellent durability by fluorine force. No oxidation, no remaining oily film & no scale water stain.

This is a water repellent product for glass. It is water-repellent glass coating fluorine based, not a silicon based products that are available in shops. The silicon based products often leave oily deposits and grime that look like oil film after it loses the effectiveness.“WINDOW CRYSTAL” will not effect to make such oil film on the glass surface. Driving in bad weather is now safer than ever, because the coating is set on your windscreen when you need it most, long after it has been applied. It not only improves night vision and wet weather visibility as good as, or better than conventional products, but adds to the durability segment as well. If you were not satisfied with other products in the past, try this and you will love it.


Water repellent coating for windows

Window Crystal is to establish water repellent for windows. Low visibility during driving in the rain is quite dangerous and could cause serious accidents so that it is recommended to have water repellent coating for windows.

This product is a professional use product, however there are no professional skills required. The detailed instruction guide with pictures is attached therefore everyone can use the product and derive the same finishing by following the instructions.

If you were not satisfied with other products for window coating, Window Crystal certainly delivers the differences to exceed your expectations.

Window Crystal is fluorine based and will never be oxidized and deteriorated

The great majority of window coating products sold in the market is silicon based. The silicon based products is going to have oxidation. A coating film on a glass after oxidization and deterioration stays as just oil film. This oil film does not have any water repellent effect and actually this is the cause of low visibility. Plus, re-coating silicon based coating on glasses will leave permanent marks and scales on glasses.

Consequently, utilizing silicon base window coating products let window conditions get worse than before applications.

Window Crystal is superior compared to other window coating products because of its pure fluorine based coating agent that is not oxidized and deteriorated.

The water repellency lasts more than 6 months, although a car is parked outdoor

Because of the fluorine ingredient, water repellency should last more than 6 months for a car parked outdoor and more than 12 months when a car is parked inside.
It is actually fun to see raindrops are repelled when you are driving in the rain. Window Crystal makes your driving easier and also more enjoyable.

If you have been using other window coating products, please engage Oily Film Clean to remove oil film on glasses before applying Window Crystal.


See step-by-step guide how to proper use this product on video

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