Glass Clean (High Concentrated)


400ml - $9.90


It dries quickly, does not leave streak mark! You can wipe off easily.

Many car window shops, car filming shops, gas stations and house cleaning shops have admitted it’s benefit and have been bought it for long time. It is alcohol based so dries quickly and does not leave streaks. It is easy to wipe off. This product is a lot more economical compared to mousse type glass cleaner. If you were not satisfied with products used previously, please try it out. You will experience the difference.


Rapid dry, not leaving wiping marks and not causing wiping unevenness by just one wipe

Glass Clean is professional use alcohol-based glass cleaner. It dries rapidly and does not leave wiping marks and wiping unevenness so that one wipe can clean a glass beautifully.

Used in totally different environments world widely with the proven quality

Cleaning glass surface is not as easy it looks.
As the professional car coating and washing shop, cleaning glasses is the most basic of basics. If a customer finds that glasses are not clean enough after all washing and coating works done, it will creates the unsatisfaction to the customer, even though the other parts are perfectly clean and shiny. The situation could mess up the entire works and services done.

Glass Clean is used every day in more than 18 countries world widely, it provides the superior and quick glass cleaning. Natural environments and road conditions are different in every country around the world resulting in very vary types dirt existing.

SENSHA reviews customer demands from each country around the world and continuously advances capabilities to provide improved quality of the product always.

In Japan, Glass Clean is continuously engaged in a wide range of industries; car dealers, automotive glass shops, car film shops and petrol stations because the product is given the recognition by the professionals.


See step-by-step guide how to proper use this product on video

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