Room Wax


400ml - $22.90


Restore it’s natural luster and not sticky!

This product is polishing and coating wax type chemical dedicated for the interior and it is popularly be used in the professional detailing shops. The advantage compared to general interior wax is non sticky and gives a silky and shiny finish. Further more it is not too shiny and capable to restore it’s natural luster. In addition, it is also one of the favorable features which is giving long-lasting effect. If you feel you could not get desirable finish from existing other wax you are using now, this products worth to try and you’ll see it’s amazing finishing result. It’s exactly comfortable and suitable to those who like to see the clean and neat look of your car interior.


Not sticky, restore and maintain the natural gloss

Room Wax is the protective lustering agent specifically for interior parts. The product, compared to general interior waxes, is not sticky and the finishing is like silk. Plus, Room Wax does not produce too shiny finishing, but restore and maintain the natural luster for a long duration.

Luster has gone, surfaces being deteriorated and whitened

The natural Gloss is brought back

Can be utilized for almost all internal panels and parts of a car

Plastic parts are the one of parts standing out aging of a car. The degradation due to aging of interior parts which have lost luster and been whitened make cars look older than their actual ages.

Room Wax restores the natural luster of interior parts and slow down aging degradation significantly.

Room Wax can be used the most of the interior parts and panels except cloth materials, and because of the pH neutral product, there are no professional techniques required to conduct interior coating.

↓ Handle (Steering)

↓ Dashboard

↓ Panels near the car navigation system such as air conditioning

↓ Door panels

↓ Near the center console


  • Room Wax can also be used for leather parts and seats. However, to prevent leather materials aging and cracking, please utilize Leather Treatment.
  • This product is wax. Please note that after an application, parts would be so slippery hence DO NOT use it for accelerators, brake pedals and handle grips. It might interfere with driving. Please avoid to apply it for parts related to the operations.


See step-by-step guide how to proper use this product on video

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