Room Clean (High Concentrated)

Room Clean

400ml - $29.90


Room cleaner for professional use

Dedicated powerful room cleaner.Room cleaning cleaner of professional use.The long-selling should prove its effect.Room cleaner for professional use. This product is a dedicated cleaning room cleaner that is used in pro shops actually. It is in very long-selling among the cleaning agents. The product has high reliability. It is used for not only the general dirt, but also such stubborn stains such as tarof tobacco. In addition, very effective even when the juice stains and food spills, such as vomiting. Furthermore, in order to demonstrate the superior bactericidal effect, is also ideal for the removal of allergens such as mites and mold.Please try once, to owners who has small children. Many owners also should surely have been considered that compared to many exterior car care products, interior car care ones are very few. Please use, to car owers who has been worried about the dirt of interior.


Professional quality room cleaner

Room Clean is the dedicated product for car room and interiors  that is being used in professional shops.
This Product is also ideal not only the general stains and dirt, but also the stubborn stains such as tar of tobaccos, and also very effective for stains by juice, food spills and even vomiting.

Furthermore, in order to demonstrate the superior bactericidal effect, Room Clean is also ideal for the removal of allergens such as tick and mold so Room Clean is recommended for car owners who have an allergy and also small children.

Example 1. Contamination of interior door panels

Test that put a tape at the middle.

Apply Room Clean at the right half of the section.

Example 2. Tobacco tar and dirt on a ceiling

Wipe lightly with Room Clean.

The place on the right part has been wiped off with Room Clean.

Example 3. Contamination of back door interior door panels

Not easy to notice where dirt is before apply.

When wiping with Room Clean, it is noticed that there can be surprisingly dirty.

Long-selling proves its superior effects and performances

When car room and interiors are conducted, many parts are fabric products, so you need cleaning agents which do not damage fabrics. If you use only a powerful detergent, fabric products would gain the stiffness feeling resulting in very unpleasant touch feeling. 

Room Clean can be used with confidence for fabric products by containing strong alkaline cleaning ingredients with softeners, hence soft and comfort touch is retained even after cleaning.

Since room and interior cleaning cannot be done by rinsing with much water like washing car body, daily maintenance was bit difficult. Room Clean is the solution and provides the know-how of room and interior cleaning.

Introducing of utilization

↓ Handle (steering)
↓ Dashboard
↓ Panels close to the car navigation system and air conditioning

↓ Seat fabrics (sheets)

↓ Door panels

↓ Near the center console


  • This product cannot be used for leather materials. Please use Leather Clean for leather parts cleaning.
  • When attempt to remove stains on deteriorated materials, there might be a possibility that the situation would not be improved.
  • When work is performed, please open doors or windows to flow the air.


See step-by-step guide how to proper use this product on video

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