For your entrance, shoe box, closet, washroom, inside your car, where you want to constantly deodor and dehumidify

shoes, cars, smoking, pet, sweat… From Tita Ceran, which eliminates any and all smell, a convenient and cute cube type is born. A collaboration of the latest nano-technology and traditional ceramic technology Each Carefully Handmade by a Seasoned Craftsperson Cubeo, the ceramic Deodorizer, is a creation by collaboration of the latest multifunctional photocatalysis technology and traditional Japanese porous ceramics. Each Cubeo is carefully handmade by seasoned craftsperson at a ceramic workshop.



About Tita Ceran Tita Ceran applied on the surface of Cubeo is developed by photocatalysis technology and utilizes titanium oxide as the catalyst to dissolve stinky molecules. It turns germs and other causes of bad oder to harmless CO2 and water with it s strong oxidative decomposition capabilities. By dissolving the cause of bad oder, it provides long term effects such as anti-virus, anti-bacterial, mold proof, contamination prevention, group infection prevention. Just place Cubeo as an interior display at the entrance, washroom, in the refrigerator, anywhere you have concern for oder and it will turn the stinkiness, germs, virus, etc. to harmless CO2 and water with oxidative decomposition from photocatalyst action. Deodorant products in general minimizes bad smell by covering it with different smell. Cubeo fundamentally dissolves and eliminates stinky molecules. Photocatalysts remain effective semi-permanently as itself doea not change after oxidative decomposition of stinky molecules and germs, etc.


Currently we have items in the series

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