Engine Wax


400ml - $25.90


Restore the luster by deep penetration of the composition of new molecules

This product is the dedicated chemical to protect and coat engine room which is able to restore the luster by deep penetration of the composition of new molecules and which has not existed so far. When we got the glaze of the engine room until now, we had to rub a large amount of wax onto it. In such techniques, a satisfactory effect for persistence was not obtained and there could come other dirt on it.


Restore the deep luster by the new composition of penetration molecules

Engine Wax is the dedicated agent containing the new composition of inflation molecules to restore the deep luster and establish the coating to protect an engine room.

There were no engine coating products existing before so that car owners and even car dealers and detail shops used products such as tire wax for an engine and engine room. In such techniques, satisfactory effects cannot be obtained because dirt and dusts are easily attached and a durability was significantly low.

Car owners who have been looking for the highest quality of the engine coating agent, Engine Wax is the one to generate the hyper glossy looks with superior protection capability.

Effective even in harsh environments of an engine room

Excluding SENSHA, the others have always been using tire wax to coat an engine and engine room. Tire wax is not specialized for engine room coating hence not able to provide satisfactory effects on both gloss and sustainability due to the differences in environments between tires and engine rooms.

Engine Wax has been developed specifically for the coating and protection of an engine and engine room. The coating adherence is extreme therefore the coating capabilities are fully performed in harsh environments that an engine room has.

It can also be used for metal, rubber and plastic parts in an engine room.


There might be a case such as if materials have deteriorated extremely, in this case, the effects are not sufficiently performed.


See step-by-step guide how to proper use this product on video

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