Engine Clean


400ml - $25.90


Powerful cleaner for engine room, including the development of newly developed water-soluble solvent special

Special cleaner for engine room with pecial water-soluble solvents, including the newly developed solvent. Has achieved a strong cleaning power and ease of use never before The biggest feature can be found in the simplicity of construction. ”ENGINE CLEAN” can be applied to the engine room to remove the dirt by simply washing with a sponge or brush attached.Effort of scrubing rub like so far is not required.


Powerful cleaner specifically for engine room, containing the newly developed special water-soluble agent

Engine Clean is the specific cleaner for engine room with the newly developed special water-soluble agent. The product provides the strong and quality cleaning capability with the ease of use.

The greatest feature is the simplicity of an application; simply apply Engine Clean to engine room and rub with the sponge attached or a brush. You do not need rubbing hard to remove dirt in engine room like used to.

Dirt is removed easily by the penetration power of the alkaline ingredients

Engine Room is the dedicated agent for engine room to remove dirt. Compared to washing a car body with car shampoos, dirt in engine room is more severe hence requires specific products to be cleaned.

In addition to the components required for cleaning of engine room, Engine Clean contains the alkaline ingredients which infiltrate into dirt and stain, decompose them and peel them off from the surface hence dirt and stains are removed easily. Grease and oil stains stubbornly attached to a surface can be removed completely by lightly rubbing and washing with the sponge attached or a brush.

Before work: dusts and oil contamination.

Complete removal: dusts and dirt on plastic, paint and metal parts have been removed.


  • As the cleaning power of Engine Clean is very powerful, plastic and rubber products in an engine room could have discoloration.
  • During an application, please wash away the agent on plastic and rubber parts with water quickly.
  • You cannot use it on Plated Parts


See step-by-step guide how to proper use this product on video

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