Bugs Clean (High Concentrated)


400ml - $19.90


Remove bird droppings and insects stuck by dissolving them. No rubbing thus No scratches.

Bugs Clean is the dedicated product for the removal of bird droppings and bugs on surfaces. The main characteristic of this product is to dissolve them. It is hard to remove bird droppings and bugs on surfaces once they are stuck and got dry. Many car owners used to use towels and clay to remove them. However, it causes scratches on the surfaces because this work attempts to remove something already hardened. The way of removing them with Bugs Clean is totally different. When you spray Bugs Clean on those bird droppings and insects, the product will infiltrate into them and dissolve them After this, you just need cleaning up them by scrubbing lightly with a sponge with running water. You do not need rubbing surfaces hardly anymore like used to.


Only spray! 

Easy to remove bird droppings and dead insects stuck build!

There is no damage to the painted surface.

Remove bird dropping and insect stuck build by dissolving it?!
Very easy to clean without rubbing! So no damage on the paint surface.

Often dead insects or bird droppings stuck on your car. This product dissolves them for easy removal.
The characteristic for this product is dissolving the insects and bird droppings.

It is hard to remove them once they stuck on car and dry out.
Up to now, everyone used old towels and clay to remove them.

But it scratches car surface.

However if you spray “BUGS CLEAN”, it dissolves. You only need to use water and wash off by using sponge.
You do not need to scrub the surface anymore..

If you have been having the insect issues and bird issues, please try it out.

Secret way of removing dead insects

Our professional shops had issues with removing dead insects after owners drove their cars especially at night time. Then we developed this product “BUGS CLEAN”. It dissolves insects, all you need to do is just spray. It does not damage the car surface.

We will let you know how exactly you can remove dead insects. It is very easy to use and removes all insects, blood and bird droppings.


The sticking blood of insect is getting dissolved out. As you can see, the bird dropping is getting dissolved!


See step-by-step guide how to proper use this product on video

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