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6 years Audi Q5 coated with No.1 Japan Crystal Coating SENSHA 3-Years Crystal GlowOPENING PROMOTION – 50% Discount For All Packages (Ending November) The one and only detailer in Singapore to warrant water marks!Number One Japan Crystal Coating and Highest Rated Japan CarCare Products Once in a lifetime offer! Do not miss out on this incredible deal! On top of that, you will be receiving freebies (worth up to $700):1. Window Crystal (All Windows)2. Wheel Crystal3. Bumper CrystalPrice starting from $350 onwards! Please contact us at 9727 0001 or drop us a PM for more information. Up to 8 years UNBEATABLE warranty on the following below to be given away!It covers the following:1) Watermarks2) Hydrophobic Effects (Water Beading)3) Cracking of Crystal Coating4) Blistering of Crystal Coating 5) Paint Oxidation6) Discoloration of Crystal Coating7) Uneven CoatingT&C AppliesBenefits of Crystal Glow Coating✔️ 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Results will not disappoint youPermanent Paint Protection✔️ Scratch Resistance (9H Hardness Certified)✔️ Super Hydrophobic✔️ Chemical Resistance✔️ Protects Against Oxidation and Corrosion✔️ UV Protection✔️ High Gloss and Shine✔️ Extreme Warranty Coverage✔️ Resistance to Bird’s Dropping and Tree SapAn overview of SENSHA StepsStage 1: SENSHA Premium Car WashThe car will be washed with Sensha Body Clean pH Neutral Shampoo followed by Sensha Scale Clean and Iron Cut to remove contaminants on the car body. Lastly, claying of the car to further prep in for Sensha Signature 8 Steps Paint Correction. Rims will be cleaned with Sensha Brake Dust Cut to remove brake dust on the rims. Stage 2: 8 Steps of Paint Correction up to 95% Removal (From Cutting to Finishing)Before polishing, we will tape all corners and edges which cannot be polished. After that, the car will have its paint correction with the best professional polishing machines in the world for the best results. Sensha Scratch Cut 1 to 7 will be used to remove up to 95% of swirl marks, scratches, water marks and other imperfections. Once done, the paint will be refined with Sensha Scratch Cut Finishing to get the best results and glossy shine. Stage 3: Window All windows will be polished with Sensha Glass Polish to remove imperfections and followed by Sensha Oily Film Clean to prep the surface for Window Crystal.Stage 4: Bumper The bumper will be cleaned with Sensha Rubbing Strips Clean to remove any waxes or polishing compound that causes whitish stains which is done by other unprofessional detailers.Stage 5: Metal PlatesThe metal plates along the windows will be polished using Sensha Metal Polish A (Cutting) to remove any imperfections and it will be followed by Sensha Metal Polish B to get the best results and shine. Stage 6: Crystal Coating PreparationThe car will be washed thoroughly again to remove any dirt or dust which will affect the coating durability. After the wash, we all apply Sensha Wax Off to prep and cleanse the car for Sensha Crystal Coating. Stage 7: Engine BayThe engine bay will be clean with Sensha Engine Clean to remove all dirt, grease and dust. It will be protected with Sensha Engine Wax which will gives a lustre look. Stage 8: Application of Crystal CoatingAll areas will be coated with their own specially formulated Crystal Coating- Crystal Glow 3,5,8 years Coating (Body)- Window Crystal- Wheel Crystal- Bumper Crystal- Metal Plating Crystal- Headlight CrystalStage 9: Interior DetailingAll plastic panels and fabric parts will be cleaned by Sensha Room Clean to remove dirt and stain. Sensha Room Wax will be used for extreme shine and protection. Carpets will be scrubbed as well. Sensha Leather Clean will be used to remove dirt and stain on leather seats. Sensha Leather Treatment Coating will be used for protection against dirt and cracking of the leather.Titanceran will be used to remove all odour in the carFinal step is to vacuum the whole interior and provide a new car feeling. Stage 10: Final touches3-month durability Sensha Tire Crystal will be applied on the tires for the best look.We will then inspect the whole car and touch up those areas which can be improved to provide 100% satisfaction.

Posted by Sensha Singapore on Thursday, 9 November 2017

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